Community Investment

Investing in Black-led organizations and efforts serving the protection and liberation of Black people.

With your support, we’ve granted $714,580 to date to Black-led organizations and efforts working for the protection and liberation of Black Life.

Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County believes one of the most important actions we can take now is direct community support. The Black-Led Community Investment Fund supports Black-led organizations and efforts that have long worked to serve our local community.

Funds raised in connection with the June 12 Silent March seeded the Fund, which we intend to grow over time. 

Black-Led Community Investment Fund Round One

Seattle Medium: $15,000
South Seattle Emerald: $15,000
KRIZ-AM, the Twins: $15,000
Lavender Rights Project: $50,000
Black Trans Task Force: $75,000
Total granted: $170,000

Black-Led Community Investment Fund Round Two

People’s Harm Reduction Alliance: $20,000
Seattle Artist Relief Fund: $75,000
Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic and Library: $10,000
Look, Listen and Learn: $10,000
Total granted: $115,000

The Freedom Fund was launched on May 30, 2020 to support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color fighting for our protection and liberation. Learn more about the Freedom Fund.

BLM Freedom Fund

Total Raised: $514,583
Total Granted: $311,080

Additionally, we have raised and granted funds through our Black-Led Wellness Weekend and through additional Board Giving.

Black-Led Wellness Weekend

Ebony Nurses Association of Tacoma Scholarship Fund: $10,000
POC SWOP: $20,000
Total granted: $30,000

Board Giving

Columbus Freedom Fund: $500
Black Visions Collective: $500
Northstar Health Collective: $500
Reclaim the Block: $500
Black Lives Matter Louisville: $500
Official George Floyd Memorial Fund: $500
NYC Liberty Fund: $500
Children of Parents Lost to Police Violence: $10,000
Coalition of Concerned Mothers: $75,000
Total granted: $88,500

Support the Fund

Gifts to Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County, which will be directed to Black-led community organizations and efforts, can be made through our website here.