Demand to be Counted

Being counted in the census is our power. Do it today.

Census Day of Action: Be Counted

The U.S. Census Bureau has announced that the 2020 Census count will end early, on September 30.

>> Complete your census online at, or by phone at 844-330-2020, or if an official census worker visits your home.

The decision to end the 2020 Census without a complete and accurate count is another attempt to systematically oppress people, especially Black and Indigenous People, Communities of Color, and Immigrant Communities.

From early efforts by the Federal Government to include a citizenship question in the census, through significant interruptions in the census operations most critical to counting historically undercounted people, to a new Executive Order that threatens to remove undocumented immigrants from the final count, we have had to fight to ensure this census count is one that truly reflects who we are.

Today, Black and Indigenous People, People of Color and Immigrant Communities, among others, are undercounted in the census. This means our communities don’t get the resources we’ve already paid for, for things like safe housing, education, access to healthcare, and more.

Right now, our communities are facing unprecedented need. As the nation battles the devastating impacts of COVID-19, Census Bureau data will be used to decide how federal relief dollars are spent in our communities for the next 10 years. If we are not counted, the investments our communities and families need to survive and thrive will disappear.

We do not accept this. The truth is, this is our census. And being counted in it is our power..

Join us TODAY. Demand to be Counted.

>> Complete your census online at, or by phone at 844-330-2020, or if an official census worker visits your home.

About Census Day of Action

Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County and the We Count Washington campaign partners, including Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, Na’ah Illahee Fund, United Way of King County, the Washington State Labor Council, MLK Labor,  Washington Census Alliance, King County, Washington State Office of Financial Management, and others across the state, are leading a Day of Action to ensure everyone who calls Washington State home is counted in the 2020 Census.

Looking for resources to help promote the Census Day of Action? Visit to find toolkits and materials.